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As you know Westwinds is a not-for-profit (and Federal registered charity) Music Society. Originally established as a pay-to-play organization, Westwinds has not engaged in fundraising activities in order to supplement our operating costs, with the exception of volunteer casinos and a few small efforts such as 50/50 draws.

Below are the amounts that Westwinds has received from our last 5 volunteer casinos:


February, 2016


November, 2017


March, 2018


May, 2019


Sep, 2021

*Sep 2021 Casino was higher due to a different allocation by the Province

As casinos are typically held 18 months apart, the amounts we receive are allocated over more than one operating season in order to smooth out the benefit of the funding. For illustrative purposes, we'll average these funds over 6 seasons:


Total Casino Funds


Operating Seasons


Average Season Funding

The impact of this funding on our membership model and operating budget is significant! There are approximately 330 Westwinds members per season. When we apply the impact of the funding to our budget we see that membership costs are subsidized as folows:


Average Season Funding


Average Members


Average Subsidy per Member

Without this funding Westwinds would have no other option than to increase registration fees significantly in order to cover the impact of this subsidy.

It is critically important that our members continue to volunteer for events like our volunteer casino (and others) so that we can ensure our continued operations.

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