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Frequenty Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that Westwinds receives:

I have no music experience!  What should I do?

This is what makes Westwinds unique!  We have a group for absolute beginners. You will learn how to read music and play your instrument or sing.

When do rehearsals start?

Rehearsals start mid-September and again in mid-January.  Westwinds rents rehearsal space in schools, so our access to those venues is set by Calgary Parks and Recreation.

Where are rehearsals held?

The concert and jazz bands rehearse in various high schools. The choirs rehearse at Lakeview United Church.

Do I have to be 18 years of age in order to join and perform in Westwinds?

Yes. Westwinds is an adult organization and you must be 18 years of age in order to become a member.

Does Westwinds operate any non-adult groups?

No. Westwinds does not compete with existing musical education groups such as the boards of education, colleges, or universities.

What if I don’t know which group is a good fit for me?

You can try out one rehearsal of any group free of charge to help you pick the right ensemble.

How big are the groups?

Size varies with each group.  Some concert bands and choirs have 30+ members.  The jazz bands are smaller due to instrumentation requirements.

How many performances does each group have?

Typically, each group has 4-5 performances from September - May.  Various groups may have additional performances depending on their Directors.

Can I rent an instrument from Westwinds?

Yes, we have a small collection of the larger woodwind and brass instruments available for a very reasonable rate.

Can I join more than one group?

Yes!! You can join as many as you want.  Additional groups will have a reduced rate of rehearsal fees.

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