Bursary Program

Westwinds has established a Bursary Fund to assist those members to participate in Westwinds programs who can demonstrate financial need.

Who is eligible for Financial Assistance?

Individuals whose financial considerations make them unable, not unwilling, to pay the full annual costs of Westwinds membership and rehearsal fees. New and returning members must demonstrate:

  • Financial need

  • Commitment to regular attendance at rehearsals and performances

  • Willingness to volunteer for jobs such as ticket-taking, information booths, etc.


How much of the fees does a Bursary cover?

The amount of assistance varies depending on the total number of members applying for a Bursary, the value of the Bursary Fund for the year, and the financial circumstances of the applicant. Generally, successful applicants have been awarded a subsidy of 50%.


How do I pay for my membership and fees?

The $40 Annual Society Fee must be paid prior to the start of rehearsals. Thereafter, depending on the terms of the Bursary, payment may be made by cash, cheque or Visa.


How do I apply for a Bursary?

Bursary application is closed at this time.

Please note that the deadline for Bursary Applications is September 30th of the current year. This corresponds to the date on which full payment of fees is required.

Access the Bursary Application Here