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Before you proceed to register please note the following:

  • All Members MUST provide Proof of Double Vaccination at their First Rehearsal. No Exceptions.

  • You will be asked to complete a Health and Safety Declaration (fillable PDF) in order to complete your registration. This must be returned to the Westwinds office before your registration will be considered complete.

  • Members are responsible for reading and adhering to the Westwinds Covid Protocols, as well as the Westwinds Covid Choir Protocols and/or Westwinds Instrumental Covid Protocols as applicable.

  • If you are combining Jazz with another Jazz group or choir, or are choosing two choirs, you will need to contact the Office to register.

  • Please add multiple items to your cart before checking out. Add an item to your cart and click on Next in the upper right corner to move to the next item. Please do not submit multiple items individually for the same person/session.

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