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Tour 2025: Germany/Austria

Join us as we embark on our 10th International Tour to Germany & Austria in 2025


Dates: July 12-27, 2025         Tour Length: 14 Days (plus 2 travel days)        Flight Time: Approximately 10 hours

Destinations:  Bottendorf, Germany (Where Westwinds Tours started in 2003!)

                          Eisenach, Germany

                          Munich, Germany

                          Salzburg, Austria

                          Vienna, Austria

Tour Leadership

Choir - Anne Gray

Concert Band - Kevin Willms

Collaborative Artist - Ethan Hill

Planned Itinerary

July 12 - Depart Calgary

July 13-15 - Bottendorf area

July 16-17 - Eisenach area

July 18-20 - Munich

July 21-23 - Salzburg

July 24-26 - Vienna

July 27 - Travel day home (or wherever Your next destination is!)

Pre-Tour Information

Rehearsals:  Monday nights 7:00-9:00 pm, venue TBD

Jan 6-Feb 10, 2025 alternate weeks: 3 Choir / 3 Concert band

Feb 17-Jul 7, 2025 weekly rehearsals for both groups: 7:00-8:30 pm Choir, 8:30-10:00 pm Concert band

Saturday, July 5, 2025 Pre-tour concert: Choir and Concert band



There will be two options for travelers:

Option A: Return (both ways booked through Kaleidoscope Travel)

Option B: One way (return booked by individual)


Air                                                       $2,075.00

Ground                                              $520.00

Germany service provider            $675.00

Accommodations                           $1,550.00

Group meals                                    $340.00

Group activities                               $210.00

Miscellaneous                                 $100.00

Contingency                                    $530.00

Total Base Cost                             $6,000.00

Performer only costs             $350.00 - Rehearsal fees, uniforms, etc.

Total cost for performers   $6,350.00

Important Dates


Interest form due - April 6, 2024

Commitment form due - April 15, 2024. A $500 Deposit will be due at this time.

Remainder of payment schedule - TBA after April 6, 2024

*All trip details are tentative until confirmed. Many factors can influence changes.

Are you excited to join the tour? Please click the link below to complete the Interest form. This will give us the information we need to determine whether or not the tour will proceed to the next step.

Interest gathering has concluded


A valid Canadian Passport is required. The Passport must NOT expire within 6 MONTHS of RETURNING to Canada. Please ensure your Passport is current.

NOTE: Unlike some previous tours, you will not be able to extend your travel prior to the start of the tour. You must depart from Calgary with the group. You are free to extend your travel at the end of the tour.


Non-Performers are those individuals who are going on the trip but are not performing in the Choir or Concert Band. The expectation, however, is that all non-performers will attend all performances as audience members.

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) HERE

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