Westwinds Administration

The Westwinds Music Society, a society incorporated under the Societies' Act of Alberta,  is comprised of an Executive Board, as well as an Executive Committee, Group Representatives and an Executive Assistant, all of whom report to the Executive Board. Access the Westwinds Bylaws Here.

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Executive Board


Bruce Robin (Joined 2005)


My name is Bruce Robin and I’m the current President of Westwinds. I joined Westwinds in 2005, after playing for several years in a music society in Cochrane, where I live, and deciding I needed more musical challenge. While watching the Westwinds web site for audition material changes, I saw a posting for the drum chair in a jazz band that was to be touring Cuba in the summer of 2005. I applied, auditioned, got the chair, and I’ve been active in Westwinds ever since.

This year, I’ll start my fifteenth year with Westwinds Music Society. The primary reason I keep coming back is the music. I play in an advanced (“Gold”) jazz band, and I sing in the Choral Ensemble, Westwinds’ auditioned mixed-voice choir, and I love both. Westwinds provides challenging repertoire, strong friendships with fellow musicians, great performance opportunities, and occasional travel abroad on unforgettable international tours.

Finally, my father taught me never to be “a little bit involved” in something. He was a great believer in getting out of an organization what you’re willing to put into it. In that light, I also value highly my service on the Executive of Westwinds. I’m currently in my tenth year on the Board, and this service deepens my commitment to the organization, and the enjoyment I receive from it.

I can’t imagine what my life would look like without Westwinds, and I’m certain I wouldn’t be enjoying it as much.


Erin Burke (Joined 2006)




Acacia McClay (Joined 2018)

Vice-President, Social Media Coordinator

Acacia has played in various bands throughout her life, starting at age six in a salsa band. She joined Westwinds in 2018 and plays tenor saxophone in Bronze Jazz and the Symphonic Band. Before that she was with the Cochrane Music Society’s Band on the Bow and Riverside Jazz. While attending William Aberhart High School she was a very active member of its Music Program, jazz, concert, and symphonic. Acacia is currently studying History and Communications at the University of Calgary. She has a passion for music and helping people and believes that playing in a band or singing in a choir does wonders for the soul. Acacia is honoured to be a part of the Westwinds Executive Team and hopes she can help others love playing music as much as she does.


P-J Harder (Joined 2003, Returned 2015)


A former high school band member, P-J played French horn in Purple Band in the 2003-04 season and returned to Westwinds in the 2015-16 season as a member of Green Choir to fulfill a lifelong dream of learning to sing. The following year she added Bronze Band to her schedule, in addition to Mixed Choir. She has volunteered as a Member at Large and is happy to serve in the role of Secretary. She was excited to tour with Westwinds to Ireland and Scotland in the summer of 2018.


Jane McLauchlin (Joined 2013)

Artistic Director

Jane McLauchlin knew at a young age she wanted to be a teacher. Along with growing up in a house full of music, the decision to pursue a career as a music teacher became clear during a Grade 7 band class. Since then, she has had a successful career teaching Junior High School Concert and Jazz Band, Elementary and General Music and African Drumming in Calgary for 30 years. She received her Bachelor of Music degree and her teaching certification from the University of Calgary and has since taught at a variety of schools in Calgary, most recently, the North Campus of the Arts Centered Learning Program at Sir John Franklin School.

Her bands have regularly received ‘Superior’ rankings, have won numerous awards and have travelled extensively throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. She has been guest conductor at the Calgary Summer Band Workshop and the Northern Alberta Junior High Honour Band and most recently, adjudicator for Grade 1 bands at the Alberta International Band Festival.

She became involved in the Westwinds Music Society by joining several of the bands to try out life on the ‘other side of the baton’ and plans to continue to participate in the Wind Orchestra and the Gold South Jazz Band.

She has toured and performed in China and Eastern Europe with Westwinds and participates annually in ‘adult band camp’ with renowned guest conductors in Canmore.

Jane is inspired by her students every day and takes great joy from watching these young people grow into accomplished, confident musicians with a love and appreciation for being a part of the exceptional experience of band and all that entails. She is excited and honoured to be invited to be the Westwinds Blue Concert Band director and is looking forward to working with this inspired and keen group of adults.

Executive Assistant


Tina Jensen (Joined 1995)

Executive Assistant

Tina is happy to add “Executive Assistant” to her roles with Westwinds Music Society. She joined the flute section of what was then Gold Band sometime around 1995. After a few years, she turned around and decided that the back row looked like fun, so she joined the percussion section of what is now Silver Concert Band. Besides running around back there, she has been Group Manager, Secretary, Vice President, Emcee, and also served on two Anniversary Committees. At one point she even sat in a mall in front of a sign that said, “Westwinds – come and blow your horn!” Yes, really. Tina looks forward to helping out with the continued fun and success of Westwinds Music Society.

Executive Committee


Tik Tycholaz (Joined 2001)

Website Coordinator, Digital Archivist

Tik has been a Westwinds member since 2001 and is currently tasked with maintaining Westwinds' online presence.

Tik is currently a member of the Mixed Choir (Tenor) and has served as the Secretary for the Executive, been a member of the 20th Anniversary Committee, was Co-Chair of the 25th Anniversary Committee, a member of the 30th Anniversary Committee, and has volunteered at numerous events.

Tik participated in 2013's China Tour and performed in both the China Concert Band and China Choir. Tik participated in both the Band and Choir again for the Eastern Europe 2015 Tour.


Kim Emons (Joined - )

Volunteer Coordinator

Kim has been a Westwinds member since 2018 and is currently the Volunteer Coordinator and has been for the past two years. Prior to joining Westwinds, Kim hadn't played her tenor sax for a number of years and was excited to get back into it to see if she could still blow her horn. She's happy to be part of the organization in the Volunteer Coordinator role as well as being a 'player' in the Silver Concert Band.


Vacant (Joined -)

Promotions Coordinator